Bio Page - Bill Scull

About Me

Photography first became a passion for me during college when I needed a creative outlet to balance the rigor of my studies. The work of Walker Evans, Dorothea Lang, Richard Avedon and Diane Arbus has always inspired me.

Most of my images are taken while traveling. I find it much easier to work in unfamiliar cultures with subjects that haven¹t had their pictures taken often ­ if ever, cultures where people still work with their hands.

My work often focuses upon people: the lines that have been written into a face during a long life: the clutter, artifacts or rituals that have built up around the place some one has worked or lived for a lifetime; or the care taken arranging wares at the market, clothes on the line, shoes at the door or tools on the bench. I strive to capture that moment when nothing is going on but everything is revealed, when the true richness of life is apparent.

I lecture about photography for travel companies and complete commercial assignments for tourist organizations. My work has been exhibited and collected internationally. I am an alumnus of MIT and Stanford and live with my family in the San Francisco Bay Area.